The company’s unique capability is to design and translate fashion trends for all markets and price points allows it to develop product for a wide variety of customer tastes. In view of there is no impact to our strong business relationships with our local supply chain, and also there is no change in our sourcing and merchandiser team structure, the company aims to grow up to be a more focused, agile, innovative and social responsible shoes supplier, by prioritizing product research and development, reducing complexity, closer monitoring our supply chain members social compliance and controlling costs, in order to provide our customers with quality products and good services.

      Currently we have very good business relationships with customers from  USA ,Canada, Germany, Spain and South Africa, Etc. We cherish all opportunities and business relationships with all of our customers, we look forward to working even closer and expanding our business with our customers in near future.

      Nancy Lee, President and owner, is a veteran sales and marketing specialist and the architect of the company’s growth and expansion.

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